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Our Creative Journey so far: Website Edition

We are now officially a quarter into 2024! How did you spend the last three months? As we prepare to roll our sleeves up for the remaining quarters of the year, we’re excited to share the progress we've made thus far and ignite the flame of motivation for the remaining quarters ahead.

Point of AC has had the privilege to work on some truly remarkable projects, Here are some snapshots of what we have recently worked on, from branding to website design, we’ve got it all.



Following our brand design for LoveXpress’ subsidiary, The Edible Projects, Point of AC has turned its attention to its mother company. LoveXpress is an NGO dedicated to serving the growing community of families with autistic and special educational needs (SEN) children.

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Aside from the Edible Projects, which provides two cafés for ASD youths to practice hospitality skills in a real-life setting, LoveXpress’ founder Kitty Poon also established subsidiaries LEX Centre and Green Skies to help ASD and SEN families find their footing in our society.

Our collaboration with LoveXpress aimed to create a branding identity that authentically represented their vision while infusing it with a heartwarming and modern touch. Once again, we had the privilege of collaborating with Alvin Li, an incredibly talented ASD youth, whose artistic contributions added a unique dimension to both the branding and website. Through our work, we aimed to shine a spotlight on the immense potential of this often-overlooked community, inspiring others to embrace inclusivity.

The rebranding of LoveXpress and The Edible Projects represents just the beginning of a larger journey. Our goal is to create a cohesive brand identity that unifies all of LoveXpress' sub-affiliated enterprises. Please look forward to seeing how we’ll continue to realise LoveXpress’ dream of promoting ASD and SEN inclusivity through a unified brand design!


Edible Stories

Edible Stories is a passion project of our client Andrew, an online delicatessen aimed to provide an enchanting storytelling experience on top of an array of delicious ready-to-eat dishes. Point of AC has accompanied the team from branding to website development, helping them bring their vision to life.

With Edible Stories’ vision, Point of AC took a lot of time to develop how we can tell the stories of different foods visually. While not without its complexities, the effort was undoubtedly worth it, as we witnessed our vision come alive on the camera screen.

Consistency is key, and we ensured that this feeling permeated throughout Edible Stories' branding and website. Every element was thoughtfully crafted to create a unique tale that perfectly weaves together the flavours, aromas, and stories behind each of their culinary creation. We were very happy with how the project turned out.



In tribute to the renowned physicist Peter Higgs, who proposed the groundbreaking "god particle" Higgs Boson, we are proud to introduce our client HIGGS, an interior design firm named after this remarkable scientific discovery. HIGGS embodies the spirit of innovation and exploration, seeking to bring forth a creative vision that captivates and inspires in the realm of design.

Specialising in crafting bespoke spaces for retail, office, and residential environments, HIGGS approached us with a desire to establish their brand identity that reflects two essential aspects of their work: their creativity and innovation in design, and their grounded approach in execution.

The resulting brand identity perfectly captures the duality of HIGGS' approach—combining creativity and innovation with a grounded and trustworthy execution. It is a testament to their commitment to delivering exceptional design solutions that inspire and transform spaces.



Our final showcase was reserved for VestAsia, a brand with whom we have worked closely for our clients' real estate consultancy needs. In January, we had the opportunity to visit their offices in Singapore, engaging in fruitful discussions on how to revamp and modernise their website, while fostering a seamless connection between their Singapore and Hong Kong branches.

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During our visit, we gained invaluable insight into the hardworking and dedicated nature of the VestAsia team. This in-depth understanding empowered us to create a design that authentically expresses the image and vision shared by both the Singapore and Hong Kong teams.

In the end, our trip gave us a full insight into the team’s hardworking and dedicated nature, leading us to create a design that truly captures the essence of VestAsia's expertise and commitment to excellence.


A Wrap-Up

Looking back at our most recent projects, we realised a common theme despite their differing nature of work:

an unwavering passion to bring creative visions to life.

At Point of AC, we're driven by our commitment to helping our clients realise their dreams, and the first quarter of 2024 has been a testament to our dedication. Eager prospects lie ahead, and we can’t wait to announce what’s coming up in our pipeline!

If you are inspired and in search of branding assistance like we did for these four brands, feel free to reach out to us. Our door at Wo On Lane awaits your visit.


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