We are a branding and marketing company that specialises in providing solutions for startups to corporates who are looking to revise or enhance their existing brand identity, or to strengthen their marketing messages to the public.



Understanding of company’s focus and goals to identifying marketing objectives.


Establish brand identity or marketing strategies to align with marketing objectives.


Implementation of brand identity and messages towards all promotional materials.


Provide marketing solutions on how to maintain momentum in growing of the brand.



We are passionate to learn the story of how each brand was born, and to understand the dream behind it. Our mission is to help refine and polish the dreams to come true.


Our team thrive to be different, ambitious in creating distinctive identities for our clients yet also focus in longevity of the brand.



After 15 years long profession in corporate real estate and having worked with a leading corporate real estate firm, Albert followed his desire to be a photographer and went on to study photography masters in Europe. In year 2017, he made the move to follow his dream and setup Point of AC.

By adapting mentality from his previous professional experience, Albert not only built a photography studio that just takes photos, but a studio that can understand and work strategically together with its client to achieve the ultimate goal of the project.

Albert’s strategic mentality towards each project, together with attention to detail and knowledge in lighting control in his photography, he quickly gained commissioned by companies such as: Robert Bosch, New World Development, Port of Hamburg, Younibody and more.

Albert’s work covers advertising, beauty/boudoir and fashion photography for commercial clients.

Coming from an academic background of Product Design in the UK, Ginnie started her career in marketing sector, where it quickly turned into her passion. By transitioning herself into various industries such as F&B, entertainment, health & wellness etc, Ginnie realised that the fuel for her passion is to create positive to people’s lives and businesses, especially for those that are related to health and wellbeing. 

Ginnie’s passion didn’t just stop at marketing, she established her own personal care brand Ginnie Bottle in 2016, a one stop shop for natural personal care product. With ongoing enquiries from friends and referrals seeking marketing advices and services, she decided to join Albert and Point of AC in 2018 to become a director of marketing and branding, further enhancing the services we provide in Point of AC.

With her education and working experience in Europe and Hong Kong, she is very particular on principles, paying extensive attention to detail and in depth understanding of each client before building emotion and aesthetic into the project.


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