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Point of AC is a branding and marketing consultant firm providing holistic services to cultivate and actualise our clients’ visions and dreams into reality.


Our team strives to think and work innovatively to design distinctive identities while culturing brand promises that will grow alongside the brand’s longevity. We see the importance of ensuring not only the consistency between our client's branding and marketing, but also that we provide result-driven solutions to bring their projects to new heights. Our success derives from your success.

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Our mission is to vitalise our clients’ stories and dreams into resonating brands and translate them through distinctive branding and experiences.

Watch your Dreams Become a Reality.

Collaborate with a dedicated group of creatives to realise your brand’s potential.

Get in touch to see how we can help you today.



Point of AC Co-Founder Albert Chan


Appreciate those who gave you life lessons along the way


Having worked with a leading corporate real estate firm and a 15-year long profession in the corporate real estate industry, Albert followed his dreams to be a photographer and went on to earn a Photography master's in Europe. In 2017, he made the move to set up Point of AC.

By adapting the mentality he gained from his previous profession, Albert not only built a photography studio, but a space that understands and works together with its clients to strategically achieve the ultimate goals of their projects.

Albert's strategic mentality towards each project, together with his attention to detail and knowledge in photography light control, gained commissions from companies including: Robert Bosch, New World Development, Port of Hamburg, Younibody, and more.

Albert's work covers advertising, product, fashion, and beauty/boudoir photography for commercial clients.

Ginnie is a multidisciplinary brand designer and entrepreneur. In her work, branding is more than just creating a visual identity for a company, it is about giving those who want to chase their reality a soul to glow. With the desire to create a positive impact on others' lives, she goes beyond the five senses and engages with a brand's sixth sense — its story, culture, philosophy, and aura to craft a brand that truly resonates with its audience on an emotional level.

She aims to gain an in-depth understanding of each client before incorporating emotion and aesthetics into their story. Well-acquainted with the creative scene, she possesses a keen eye for design, pays extension attention to detail and prides herself on her touch to maintain a cohesive brand across all disciplines.

Ginnie holds a degree in Product Design from the UK. She has participated in 100+ branding projects and currently acts as a marketing advisor for several NGOs to advocate and empower SEN and low-income youths.

Point of AC Co-Founder Ginnie Chu


Branding is to give a company a soul to glow



Point of AC member Cherrie Chui

CHarlotte CHUI

Never walk alone in life. Thrive to continue this way

CHarlotte CHUI



Composure and focus are the key ingredients to make dreams into reality



Michelle Kwan

Let me live, love, and say it well in good sentences.

Michelle Kwan

Looking to contribute?

We are always looking for passionate and talented individuals to join us in making a difference together. Contact us today and let us know how you can contribute to our success.

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