Majority of companies have branding and marketing departments separated, overseeing their own segment. However, at Point of AC, we are here to break the tradition. With our extensive years overseeing marketing projects, we learnt that marketing messages would be best delivered when pairing with customised artworks.  


We start from understanding our clients’ goals and objectives in order to create an optimised solution for them. Our branding and marketing services include:





We work differently compared with other branding companies, where the majority partner up with different vendors. POAC originates from photography, we have an in-house team of image and video curators, where we work closely together to achieve images / videos that capture attentions for the brand.


Together, with above industry standard photography equipment, our image curators can stretch their imaginations on each project. By centralising photography and design, we can provide our client a one-of-a-kind brand identity service.


  • Product photoshoot

  • Portrait photoshoot

  • Event photoshoot

  • Interior photoshoot

  • Location photoshoot

  • Video shooting

  • Video edits




Design standards are reaching new high in today’s market, companies are taking various approach in updating their identity. We cater clients from personal to corporate level, with such scope of work, our creative team of graphic designers, video editors as well as makeup artists and hair stylists are focus in creating or reviving a brand that will be recognised from the get-go.

  • Brand identity

  • Interior design

  • Website design & development

  • Product design

  • Graphic design

  • Corporate gifts design and production

  • Personal grooming and make up services