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Point of AC provides all-rounded services to support our clients from the conceptual stage to brand publication. Our comprehensive range of services includes strategic branding and marketing, actualising brand elements to interior spaces, products, and prints, and publicising them to the market.


We ensure that brand promises are congruently integrated across every facet of our clients' branding and marketing, while long and short-term marketing objectives are met. We are devoted to bringing compelling experiences to everyone that comes across our clients’ path.

Branding Management
Strategic Marketing
Aesthetic & Design
  • Branding Management
    Point of AC believes that every brand tells a unique story. Part of our role in our client's journey is to assist them in visualising and retelling their story by establishing their brand image and narrative. With our extensive experience in overseeing marketing projects, we learned that the consistency of brand visuals plays a crucial part in delivering the companies' motivations and goals. Here is a list of services we provide to help our clients shine: Brand Audit & Strategy Brand Identity Brand Narratives Brand Implementation Brand Collaterals Personal Branding Related Cases
  • Strategic Marketing
    Going hand-in-hand with brand management, Point of AC breaks tradition by delivering meticulously curated marketing messages alongside our branding. Accompanying our clients from start to finish, we understand our clients' vision and objectives before providing an optimised marketing solution for them. We aim to work together with our clients to bring their vision to life. Our strategic marketing services include: Marketing Consultation Strategic Planning Advertisement Management Digital Marketing Management Event Management Related Cases
  • Aesthetics & Design
    Design standards are reaching new heights in today's market, and companies are taking various approaches to update their identity. Catering to clients from personal to corporate levels, our creative team of graphic designers, video editors, as well as makeup artists and hair stylists, are focused in creating or reviving a brand that can be recognised from the get-go. Interior Design and Build UI/UX Design & Development Product & Packaging Design 3D Rendering Graphic Design Personal Grooming Related Cases
  • Photography & Videography
    We work differently compared to other branding companies, where the majority partner up with different vendors. PoAC originates from photography, and we have an in-house team of image and video curators. We work closely to achieve images/videos that capture attention for each brand. Together, with above industry standard photography equipment, we provide our clients with a one-of-a-kind brand identity service that bursts with limitless creativity and possibilities. Product Photography Portrait Photography Event Photography Interior Photography Product Videography Bite Size Video Production Related Cases
Photography & Videography



Understand company focus and goals to identify marketing objectives

strategic Planning

Establish brand identity or marketing strategies to align with identified marketing objectives


Implement established brand identity and messages towards all promotional materials


Provide marketing solutions on how to maintain momentum during brand growth

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