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The Edible Projects

A pioneering social enterprise for the ASD Community

The Edible Projects (T.E.P.) is an organisation that synthesises community service, local culture, and modern farming into an online merge offline (OMO) delicatessen business. A sub-affiliate of LoveXpress, T.E.P. creates employment opportunities for autistic youths and helps them develop their career skills within the F&B sector (through their café) and FMCG operation field (through T.E.P. Ready-to-Cook).

Founder Kitty Poon recognised the immense potential in ASD youths who are all too often neglected and ostracised by society. With the goal of supporting and empowering these often-misunderstood individuals, she vowed to create a nurturing greenhouse environment where their unique skill sets can be fostered, rather than forcing them to adapt to a less accommodating workplace.

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Bringing charity to retail

The process of moving food from the physical environment to ready-to-cook packages online is no easy feat, but T.E.P. sees the additional job opportunities and public attention that will arise for the ASD community as well. As the marketing advisor of the project, Point of AC guided T.E.P.’s ready-to-cook branch from concept to fruition, taking a deep dive into the creation of the products and the website to bring Kitty’s vision to life.

To maintain consistency between the products, the website, and all organisations under LoveXpress, we paid close attention to the brand story and the personality T.E.P. emits. With the desire to mirror the heart-warming, sincere but tenacious nature of LoveXpress, we hand-selected a palette that captures the essence of T.E.P.’s story.

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Building bridges

Following the direction of the chosen branding, Point of AC made sure that T.E.P.’s branding was consistent offline and online through graphic design and product photography.

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Event Coordination

On top of branding, Point of AC is also involved with marketing through event coordination. We are often involved in the planning and execution process of T.E.P.’s events.

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In the Media

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Social Enterprise


Marketing Consultation, Brand Identity, Project Management,

Website Development, Packaging Design, Photography


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