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Roaring into a New Era

Point of AC welcomes the Year of the Dragon with a visit to Lion City

Happy Year of the Dragon! New year, new beginnings. At Point of AC, we've always recognised the importance of stepping away from our desks and seeking out new experiences through meaningful connections. In line with the saying 'practice what you preach', we kicked off 2024 with an early 9AM flight, eager to embark on an extraordinary business trip that would set the stage for an incredible year ahead.


It was 1PM when we touched down in Singapore, with the sunny weather providing a stark contrast to the gloominess back home. Immediately, we were whisked away into a myriad of activities that kept us engaged and energised. One of our main objectives for this trip was to explore the intersections of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and philanthropy in Singapore, so we actively sought out opportunities to connect with multiple organisations within this scope.

Among the highlights was a visit to Flour Power, an organisation that empowers individuals with special needs through baking. As we spoke with their founder and team amidst the deliciously baked cookies, we found ourselves leaving with hearts filled with warmth and inspiration. This experience further reinforced our commitment to extend support to others back home. In fact, Point of AC is currently working on expanding into the philanthropic field in Hong Kong as well. Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we seek to make a positive impact in the lives of those in need, just like the many admirable people we met in Singapore!

We also paid a visit to the Seed Bank nestled within the lush botanical gardens, a remarkable project handled by AlfaTech. Here, we had the opportunity to learn how the engineering company behind the project revamped an old building into a seed conservation, research, and education facility. One quote from the Seed Bank resonated with us: “Plants can survive without humans, but life on earth, as we know it, is impossible without plants.” Applying this to our industry, we saw this quote as a reminder that our work of helping companies discover their story is an integral part of helping a client grow and make a positive impact. It serves as a reminder for us to continue supporting our clients in their mission to make a difference.

In the end, amidst the meetings and work that filled our itinerary, we realised that it was the unplanned encounters that enriched our journey. A chance conversation with a visionary entrepreneur, and an encounter with a like-minded individual inspired future collaboration – these moments of connection opened our eyes to new perspectives and sparked ideas that would fuel our passion throughout the year.


We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to our partner, VestAsia, for their care and hospitality. They filled our schedule with meaningful interactions (alongside great food, of course) that made our Singapore trip all the more fulfilling and awe-inspiring. Their accommodating team was a joy to talk to, and they even offered us a comfortable space to conduct our meetings and work sessions. We only hope to reciprocate their hospitality should they ever find themselves in our city in the future.

As we return from our journey, we feel more prepared than ever to embark on a new year of growth of innovation. In the Year of the Dragon, Point of AC remains dedicated, embodying the vigour and spirit of this majestic mystical creature. With our sights set on bringing more stories to life, we will turn our vision, and your dreams, into reality.


If you wish to also start the year with a strong, invigorating brand alongside us but don’t know where to start, find us at Wo On Lane today. We look forward to making this year one of transformation and success with you.


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