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Build a Better World with Love, Co-creation and Inclusion.

LoveXpress was founded with a deep conviction to render care and support to families with special needs. Under the impetus of Kitty Poon, LoveXpress Foundation Limited was established to offer help to the growing community of families with autistic children.

Getting involved and spending time with the staff of LoveXpress, some who have children of their own with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and special educational needs (SEN), made us realise how important their vision is. We were deeply touched by the passion and dedication that was shone through Kitty and her team, and was inspired to take the heart-warming story of LoveXpress across to not only their branding, but also extend it to their sub-affiliate organisation as well.

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Art with a purpose

LoveXpress' Career Support Program particularly resonated with us as it embodies the foundation's vision. This program not only focuses on the growth of ASD youths but also provides opportunities for them to train and pursue careers in hospitality and agriculture through LoveXpress' sub-affiliates, The Edible Projects and Green Skies.

During our visits to LoveXpress' office and the cafés established by The Edible Projects, we witnessed firsthand the unique qualities of LoveXpress. They embrace the strengths and weaknesses of ASD and SEN youths and help them discover their potential, despite the societal prejudices they often face.

Therefore, when developing LoveXpress' branding, we decided to collaborate with Alvin Li, an artist with ASD, to incorporate his unique artistic touch into the website. By showcasing his art, our aim was twofold: to celebrate his talent and to highlight the extraordinary potential of individuals with ASD, just as LoveXpress believes.

“Only through your appreciation of my son’s art do I see the potential for SEN youths. They have potential too; we just need to be patient to discover it.”

– Alvin Li’s Mother

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An Encyclopaedia of Love

In addition to Alvin's artwork, we wanted to convey the heartwarming nature of LoveXpress through its branding.

We expanded LoveXpress' original colour palette, adopting a mix of pinks, reds, and yellows to soften the previous image associated with bright red. This change aimed to evoke a sense of warmth and compassion.


We also embraced a storytelling approach in the brand's narrative across the website and products, bringing to life LoveXpress' overarching mission of empowerment and growth.


With LoveXpress' new brand firmly established, it now represents a beautifully-packaged mission that fosters love, compassion, and inspiration for all who engage with their story.


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(Ongoing) Marketing Consultation, Brand Identity, Project Management,

Photography, Website Development


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