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Build a Better World with Love, Co-creation and Inclusion.

LoveXpress was founded with a deep conviction to render care and support to families with special needs. Under the impetus of Kitty Poon, LoveXpress Foundation Limited was established to offer help to the growing community of families with autistic children.

Point of AC worked with LoveXpress to create cohesive branding across all its sub-affiliate enterprises. We are currently continuing the rebranding process and helping their team build post-rebrand marketing skillsets.

LoveXpress Brand Guidelines

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A gentle touch to a gentle brand

In support of LoveXpress' vision to empower individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Special Educational Needs (SEN), we placed a lot of focus on enhancing their branding to represent their vision.


Adopting and, at the same time, expanding LoveXpress’ original palette, we utilised a mix of pinks, reds, and yellows to soften the tougher image previously displayed by the NGO’s use of bright red.


This gentle touch also brings cohesiveness between all related sub-affiliates under LoveXpress. While each sub-affiliate maintains its unique branding and utilises distinct hues, when placed together, they seamlessly align with one another. This unified approach signifies that although each entity serves different purposes, they are all part of the same overarching organisation, working towards a common goal.

In addition to the colour palette development, we further extended the branding initiative by creating personal portraits for all members of the LoveXpress staff.

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An Encyclopaedia of Love

As part of the comprehensive remarketing effort, we revamped their website to give it a more heartwarming and modern touch. We collaborated with Alvin Li, a talented youth with ASD, to infuse a unique artistic touch into the website. By showcasing his art, our aim was twofold: to celebrate his talent and to also shine a spotlight on the extraordinary potential and abilities of individuals with ASD.

In addition to the redesign, we also undertook a roundup of all the activities and services provided by LoveXpress and its subsidiaries. Embracing a storytelling approach, we crafted a cohesive narrative that showcased the diverse range of services and activities that formed the backbone of LoveXpress' larger mission of empowerment and growth.

The rebranded LoveXpress website now stands as an inclusive and informative platform, providing a range of resources, insights, and updates related to LoveXpress' initiative and the broader ASD and SEN community. It not only represents LoveXpress' vision but also fosters a sense of love, compassion, and inspiration for all who visit the site.

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(Ongoing) Marketing Consultation, Brand Identity, Project Management,

Photography, Website Development


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