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Edible Stories

Bringing simplistic, refined, and flavourful stories to
your dining table.

Edible Stories is an online delicatessen venture that beckons food enthusiasts with its enchanting storytelling. Merging quality with accessibility, this brand meticulously curates an array of ready-to-eat dishes, transforming the act of dining at home into an immersive and flavoursome narrative.

From branding to website development, Point of AC has worked with Edible Stories to bring their heartwarming vision to fruition.

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Bringing Vision to Life

Edible Stories’ passion for crafting captivating narratives through the medium of food serves as the beating heart of the brand. The brand is innovative, and adventurous, but heartwarming and warm at the same time. Right from its inception, we utilised colours and typeface to convey the modern yet comforting essence of Edible Stories.

Edible Stories has a simplistic yet inviting muted palette that introduces the inviting nature of the brand to its audience. We also decided to convey its sophistication through the fusion of both classical and contemporary fonts, lending an air of modernity to its branding.

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Bringing Food to Life

The packaging of ready-to-cook foods was designed with simplicity in mind. By utilising single-coloured labels and diner-inspired doodles, Edible Stories is brought to life with an additional transparent window to introduce a playful element that engages the senses.

In showcasing the brand's commitment to elevating the home dining experience, the product photography adopts a clean and classic backdrop. With the strategic use of dimmed and spot lighting, a captivating interplay of shadows and highlights is achieved, casting a moody and sophisticated ambience upon the otherwise familiar and comforting setting.

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Bringing Stories to Life

To maintain consistency between branding and product, we made sure their website mirrors the brand's essence of simplicity and inviting warmth. By incorporating captivating narratives for each dish, the website becomes a comprehensive embodiment of the original vision that Edible Stories sought to convey from its inception – a masterfully crafted tale, woven to life through the interplay of delectable flavours and enticing stories.

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