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Unveiling the Heart of Branding

Branding is often misunderstood as purely a visual identity, with its higher role as a powerful tool overlooked. In reality, branding goes far beyond its perceived role in today’s competitive business landscape, and aesthetics and design merely touch the surface. It is about crafting a brand’s narrative and bringing the heart and story of the brand to life.

Branding labelled as “just design” is no foreign tale. In its earliest form, branding was used to depict ownership and stand out from others. Farmers imprinted symbols to signify their livestock’s origins, and merchants painted pictorial signs to advertise their products. Even now, a lot of brands place their focus on stylistic graphics and logos, as they serve as the face of the brand that initially attracts a consumer’s attention.

Yet, branding encompasses far more than its visual elements; its essence lies in understanding the story behind a brand and what sets it apart from its competitors. Through the art of storytelling, a brand can weave a captivating narrative that resonates deeply with its audience, fostering unwavering loyalty and emotional connection. Visuals serve as the medium to deliver this message, an indispensable part of branding. However, without a heart and soul, a brand struggles to thrive in our saturated world. Effective branding encapsulates a company's mission, values, and aspirations, forging a profound and meaningful bond with its consumers as well as internal members.

Now, you may find yourself asking, "Where do I begin?" At Point of AC, we firmly believe that every founder possesses a story waiting to be uncovered and shared—a story that resonates on a personal level and evokes genuine empathy. By delving into the depths of your journey, we unearth the core elements that make your brand truly exceptional and captivating.

A brand cannot exist without its founder, and the founder’s image can also shape a brand’s perception. Alongside your story, how you present yourself to the world can have a profound impact on how the brand is perceived. When a founder embodies the values of the brand and consistently demonstrates authenticity and credibility, they become an integral part of the brand's identity. Once we unveil the layers of your journey, it becomes crucial to discover the narrative that deeply resonates with you, enabling us to establish a branding voice and image that genuinely interprets your values and visions.

We help clients discover their brand and capture it.

(Top left: Abigael Tan, founder of absolUte Bottom right: Ingrid Lam, founder of IN Bloom)

With a profound understanding of your brand story, we embark on translating it into a visually captivating brand identity. From the logo to the website design and marketing collateral, every touchpoint is meticulously crafted to reflect the unique narrative that defines your brand. Through these visuals, we evoke emotions, establish a consistent brand experience, and ultimately bring your story to life. It is through this consistency that your story remains recognised and deeply ingrained in the minds of your audience.

At Point of AC, we recognise that your brand's story is its most valuable asset, and we are passionate about unlocking its full potential. Branding is no longer confined to mere aesthetics; it has become a powerful vehicle for storytelling and connecting with audiences on a deeper level. Our branding services are designed to guide you from the very beginning, helping you discover your brand story and establish a recognisable and unforgettable brand that fully embraces your potential.

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