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The Project S Story • Bringing a business to life

Life begins outside your comfort zone. At least, that's what the founder of Project S believes. Professional fitness trainer Sarah Wersborg is taking on a new challenge: she's just opened a gym.

The idea for Project S began when Sarah started to reflect on her own long career in the fitness industry. She knew that she had a deep love for group fitness, and a strong desire to create the type of exercise programme that could empower people of all fitness levels.

Shortly after Sarah began planning Project S, she came to realise that her big idea needed a little support. She decided to partner with Point of AC to build her brand and bring her boutique gym to the community.

Project S Founder Sarah Wersborg

Point of AC had the privilege of working with Sarah from conception through to realisation. Our goal was to create a brand and marketing plans that allows Project S to flourish from the get-go. It has been wonderful supporting Sarah as her business begins to blossom.

We have always taken pride in our integrated approach to building a brand. At Point of AC, we are passionate about digging deep into the personal stories behind clients' businesses. Our mission is to help them refine and polish these stories and bring their dreams to life.

An exclusive, top-quality gym in the heart of Sheung Wan.

Our in-house experts were able to support Sarah’s vision for her business with several specialist tasks, including:

  • Branding

  • Interior design and build

  • Website design and development

  • Product design and production

  • Photography

  • Videography

  • Outdoor advertisement

Fitness centres have highly specific property requirements, so in addition to working with Point of AC, Project S formed a strategic partnership with VestAsia HK to identify potential sites. VestAsia was able to negotiate a very competitive rental rate for the property.

Working with Sarah has been a delight. Her enthusiasm for the fitness industry is contagious, and she's always open to accepting new ideas and perspectives. We've enjoyed watching Sarah grow the business and we're thrilled and proud to have had the pleasure of seeing her passion come to fruition.

. . .

“Having worked out and taught classes in gyms all over the world, I was inspired to create the best workouts and the perfect gym for people who share my love of fitness. With this as my guiding principles, Project S was born.”
Sarah Wersborg

Founder of Project S

Hong Kong Tram with Project S Banner

Project S fey features

  • The first and only gym in Hong Kong offering an intense strength and cardio mixed workout with one part weight training and one part spinning

  • Largest independent spinning studio in Hong Kong with 22 bikes

  • Penthouse setting across 33rd and 34th floors at The Chelsea, Sheung Wan

  • Bright and spacious with room to relax and socialise

  • First-class changing facilities with organic amenities, Dyson hairdryers and a spa-feel throughout

  • Small group classes for worry-free workouts

  • Classes for every level, from beginners to athletes

There is no better time to embark on your fitness journey than now, so why not try something new? Sign up for your first class at Project S today!


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