Entrepreneur Candy Tang rebrands for the macro-environment

When asked if reality had lived up to her expectations, Candy Tang, CEO of LT Heyday, described her success as

“surprisingly positive”. Quite the understatement, considering that Candy went from founding the company to “

give myself a more flexible lifestyle” in 2017, to now serving some of the largest institutions in finance, property development and luxury brands. Yet it is this down-to-earth attitude, her sharp sense for recognising opportunities, and agility to adapt that has brought her company this far in such a short period of time.

With over 10 years of experience in the marketing and PR industry under her belt and an international perspective, Candy co-founded LT Heyday in 2017 as an events agency. Over just four years, it has evolved and grown into a fully-fledged marketing and PR firm delivering an array of services that includes digital, brand, media and much more. Rooted in the Greater Bay Area, LT Heyday leverages this strategic position to bridge the east and the west.

“We saw the bigger picture ahead, what we call the ‘macroenvironment'”, said Candy, when asked about her strategy for growth. “There is no doubt of the increasing integration of the Greater Bay economic region. We saw all these Chinese companies wanting to reach out to markets abroad, and foreign businesses wanting to market to mainland China, and so we leveraged this trend.” They recognised, as a result of this tighter integration, the growing importance of Hong Kong as a springboard for Chinese companies to internationalise, and thus were readily capturing opportunities as marketing strategists for these companies to go global.

With business flourishing and more opportunities on the horizon, LT Heyday had grown out of its original shell. Candy had felt a rebranding was necessary to better represent the international scale of the company, while at the same time wanted to insert some life back into the brand to convey the vibrance of Candy and her team. “We needed more energy in our branding. I’m a very vibrant person, so I needed something more “me” so that I can proudly represent the brand, while also communicating our company’s professionalism and internationalism.”

“I was impressed by their (Point of AC’s) dedication to their art, taste, and style. Their consistency and confidence makes communication very easy with them,” explains Candy on why she chose Point of AC for doing LT Heyday’s rebranding. “Rebranding is very important if you want to be noticeable and memorable.” Point of AC revamped the brand to put across the message that LT Heyday is a “young but professional and international brand”, tying in with their vision for long term development and success. “I don’t have to worry when working with Point of AC because they are professional, competent, and deliver high quality work. It’s easy and I know I can trust them.”

With the opening of LT Heyday’s new branch in Shenzhen, Candy is optimistic about the future of the Greater Bay Area. The rapid development of Shenzhen has already landed them new local clients, writing yet another story for their ever-growing portfolio. At the same time, Candy envisions that Chinese companies will keep taking advantage of Hong Kong’s unique edge in expanding overseas, translating into further opportunities for LT Heyday. “We focus on the quality of our execution, which speaks for itself because clients know they can trust us, and trust is the most important thing in one’s reputation.”