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Delicious Food, Heartwarming Cause: The Edible Projects' Mission to Empower Autistic Youth

When LoveXpress founder Kitty Poon established her career support program, she witnessed the autistic youths she watched growing up neglected and ostracised in the workplace. These youths possess limitless potential, but their strengths are overshadowed by their communication skills, leaving them lost and self-conscious when stepping into society.

Determined to create a work environment that catered to these youths’ strengths, Kitty envisioned a greenhouse-like environment that would nurture them instead of forcing them to adapt to the real world. Thus, The Edible Projects was born.

The Edible Projects Logo
The Edible Projects Logo

The Edible Projects is the perfect intersection for autistic youths and the public. It synthesises community service, local culture, and modern farming into a delicatessen business that not only provides ample work opportunities for autistic youths but also allows them to serve underprivileged families through its many programs. Its recent ready-to-cook food package online store offers citizens the opportunity to support LoveXpress in return for delicious home-cooked meals. This new project is part of a self-serving franchisable ecosystem that benefits several parties and is able to spread the love of Kitty’s offline efforts to a broader online audience.

After working tirelessly with Kitty’s team, throwing ideas back and forth for almost a year, we saw The Edible Projects appear before our eyes in the form of a wrapped parcel that tasted of home. Bringing The Edible Project’s Ready-to-Cook package to life was no easy feat, it was a combined effort of a large group of passionate and dedicated individuals within and outside our company, working together to transform Kitty’s dream into reality.

Point of AC was honoured to guide this project from planning to product. As the marketing advisor of the project, we were able to materialise Kitty’s vision through brand design, packaging design, website development, and more. We took particular attention to designing a unique branding for The Edible Projects while maintaining the spirit of LoveXpress. The result is a homely rendition of its mother NGO that perfectly expresses the heart of both LoveXpress and The Edible Projects.

A mission of The Edible Projects' is to give opportunities to the “children of the stars” — and embarking on the branding journey of this new online merge offline (OMO) food packet business is no different. Alongside the many hands needed for the logistics behind the production of the food packets, our branding and designing of The Edible Projects were further enhanced by the talented autistic artist Alvin Li. His beautiful work was incorporated with our designs to bring to life a cooler bag that houses the Ready-to-Cook food packets. His art helped us keep a cohesive branding offline and online, while also translating the heart-warming nature of LoveXpress into its sub-affiliates' branding. His work is also displayed along the walls of The Edible Projects’ cafés in Peng Chau and Sham Shui Po.

Seeing the blood, sweat, and tears we put towards this project made it all the more precious to us. With the launch of The Edible Projects’ official website and online shop, we want to share this great news with everyone and invite you to support our initiative and a great cause! The Ready-to-cook packages not only contain delicious home-cooked foods, but also the charitable heart of Kitty and her team at LoveXpress who are constantly reaching out to help the ASD community.

To support LoveXpress and The Edible Projects, visit their website through the button below! We can’t wait to share more exciting projects in the works for LoveXpress to continue spreading love in our society.

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