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Project S

An exclusive, top-quality gym in the heart of Sheung Wan.
Project S Gym Entrance

Founded by Sarah Wersborg, a fitness trainer with several years of international experience behind her, Project S utilises her skills and knowledge to create the best workouts that empower people of all fitness levels.

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Tough but Warm

Inspired by Sarah’s gusto and her courage in stepping out her comfort zone, we hope to encourage gym-goers to transcend their limits as well through our branding. A hard exterior is presented with grey concrete, but not without imbuing the palette with a warm copper. White marble was also selected to brighten up the palette with prestige, not dissimilar to how Sarah wishes to present the boutique gym.

Project S’ logo demonstrates the letter “S” in a way that establishes a physical space, its shape reminiscent of the indoor space we later found decorated with a set of stairs leading to the second floor.

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From Start to Finish

Point of AC collaborated with VestAsia Hong Kong to bring Sarah’s vision to life. A highly specific set of property requirements are needed for fitness centres, but VestAsia was able to identify a perfect site for Project S. An exclusive penthouse situated in Sheung Wan, the site was transformed with our slight touch of interior design magic, bringing our intended branding identity to light for Project S.

Spinning Bikes lined up in Project S gym

Based on our bespoke designs, the interior of Project S featured concrete walls infused with copper accents. The studio space has been designed with its intended community in mind. Its rooms flooded with light and warmth.

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A Love for Trams

Inspired by one of Sarah’s favourites and the symbol of Hong Kong transportation. Point of AC hopped onto the tram to take a photo of Project S cruising around Hong Kong. The image of the tram is framed and presented to Sarah to commemorate the start of Project S.

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In the Media

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