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Meet Our New Brand • TANG TANG TANG TANG

Header with TANG TANG TANG TANG Logo on top of the Tang Dynasty Hall in San Wai

This year, Point of AC created the brand "Tang Tang Tang Tang" with the intention to introduce more about traditional Hong Kong culture.

Point of AC x TANG TANG TANG TANG team member Vien Tang

Our team member, Vien, is from the Tang family. Vien lives in a village called San Wai. It is an area with a lot of historical significance in Hong Kong, and one of the very few places in the city where the heritages of such history still exist.


The Tang Clan Walled Villages

The Tang Clan, one of the Five Great Clans of New Territories, is one of Hong Kong's oldest families. Their lineage can be traced back to 30 generations in Hong Kong, and they have settled in the area for over 900 years. They currently occupy close to 10 sq. km. in New Territories West, and San Wai is one of the "Five 'Wais' and Six 'Tsuens'" of the Tang family territories.

Tang Village Culture

Stepping into the village, we were earnestly welcomed by the villagers, who told us stories behind some of their unique structures. The Tang Dynasty Hall solemnly stood at the entrance of the village, with stunning historical remains from the Qing dynasty arranged around the hall's interior. The structure holds a declared monument, inside which the names of male ancestors were inscribed as a sign of respect.

Private Study Hall in San Wai Hong Kong

As we strolled through the narrow streets and alleyways, we entered the private study hall of Vien's family, build in the year 1830. Gentle sunlight and the cooling breeze greeted us through the patio of the ancestral structure, along with the sight of a big beautiful longan tree blooming in the backyard. These kind villagers love to share fruits and vegetables that they've picked from their own farms and gardens, and have generously gifted us their homemade longans. We too were eager to pay this sweet gesture forward and shared them with our clients and friends.


Inspired by the village's efforts to preserve traditional customs as well as their spirit of sharing, we created the brand "Tang Tang Tang Tang" (an onomatopoeia signifying a grand entrance or celebratory occasion) to introduce more about Hong Kong's traditional culture.

Window of historical building in San Wai Hong Kong

The clover-like logo, which signifies vitality, growth, and opportunity, was inspired by the traditionally patterned tiles in the village architecture.

We know that through this brand, we can introduce more products about Hong Kong, giving more people a taste of its unique culture and history.


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