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LEX Centre

Empowering SEN Families with Holistic, Family-Centric Professional Support

LEX Centre is a social enterprise that provides comprehensive case management services and intervention therapy for families with ASD and SEN children. By focusing not only on the child's needs, but also on the well-being of the parents, LEX Centre offers a diverse range of activities aimed at strengthening the family unit and providing all-rounded support.

LEX Centre is under the umbrella of social enterprises of LoveXpress, an NGO dedicated to supporting families with special needs.

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Professional, but Approachable

To further reinforce LEX Centre's commitment to providing professional services for children with SEN and their families, we have transformed and updated the logo. Drawing inspiration from the concept of nurturing a family together, we have incorporated a meaningful message in the logo—a tree formed by family units—to symbolize the improvement of relationships within a supportive environment.

We have maintained the same warm and clean colour palette to reflect a sense of familiarity while infusing a professional touch. As the more professional branch of the LoveXpress tree, we have aimed to preserve the simplicity and minimalistic look throughout the branding.

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Guiding with Love

In conjunction with LoveXpress' other social enterprises, we have given the LEX Centre's website a contemporary revamp. Our objective was to create a modern and user-friendly platform that serves as a professional guide for families, enabling them to quickly identify activities that are best suited and tailored to their specific needs.

During the website design process, we prioritised the requirements of parents and implemented audience-targeted filters to facilitate easy navigation. These filters allow parents to efficiently locate and access activities that are most relevant to their children's requirements, ensuring a seamless and personalised user experience.

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Health & Wellness


Brand Identity, Project Management,

Website Development


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