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Hong Kong entrepreneur envision opportunities from 2020 downturn

“When challenges are seen as chances to upgrade ourselves, those difficulties and challenges will always be welcomed”

Point of AC Cofounder Albert Chan

Point of AC Cofounder Albert Chan

We are halfway into Q3 of 2020. Looking back at the past 8 months, most would agree that it has been a tough period of time. While many companies are controlling budgets and scaling down, Albert Chan, our founder of Point of AC has used this time to establish VestAsia Hong Kong -- a commercial real estate firm headquartered in Singapore.

Albert is no stranger to corporate real estate, having specialised in commercial leasing for 15 years, where he serviced many Fortune companies including PepsiCo and Dow Jones. Always a keen photographer, Albert then leapt from passion to an entrepreneur, establishing Point of AC in 2017, which later evolved into a niche branding and marketing consultancy firm. Albert's portfolio and strategic approach has since gained recognition from larger corporations such as Robert Bosch, New World Development and more.

These accumulated experiences have evolved and broadcasted his vision, offering a fresh perspective and excitement to contribute back to the industry that once nurtured him.

Hong Kong has maintained its position as one of the world's epicentres due to its geographical advantage as a seaport as well as its resilient entrepreneurial and hard-working culture. Starting with success in the manufacturing industry in electricals and garments in the 70s, the city has evolved seamlessly into a leading technological and services leader in the 80s, followed by a real estate and financial boom in the 90s. Hong Kong is firmly a global and leading financial and professional services hub. With these roots, one can easily see that being highly adaptive is in the DNA of Hongkongers. COVID-19 has allowed us to fully harness our ability to be fluid and versatile.

“Embrace difficulties, unlearn the old habits, be open to inspiration and fine creativity within uncertainties.”

Hong Kong Tram

Hong Kong Junk Boat

The real estate market and its businesses are connected with the global economy and hence directly affected by the pandemic. With that in mind, Albert and his team are supporting businesses with new strategies that soothe uncertainty, change workplace habits, and ultimately meet habits and everchanging market dynamics.

"Businesses are going through a tough time, and we should first focus on maximising resources and what we can give, not what we can get."

Leveraging his Point of AC team to create strategic plans that include scenario-based research and project plausible market probabilities, VestAsia HK has established itself as a distinctive brand from traditional real estate firms. "I am fortunate to have a great team, they are accountable and willing to accept and learn new things." He says, "this journey has just begun, our team is excited to carry out different missions ahead."

At Point of AC, a vital part of our mission is to give back to the community. In response to the Coronavirus outbreak, we welcome businesses to reach out for a complimentary one-hour marketing consultation. During your deep-dive session, we will understand your company's goals and objectives to provide a tailored solution. Together, we fight the virus.

If we can support you, contact us now.


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