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Child Development Initiative Alliance

Helping underprivileged youths find their paths in life.

For a decade, the Child Development Initiative Alliance (CDIA) provided necessary training for over 2,000 underprivileged youths entering their adult careers. The organisation celebrated their 10-year anniversary this year on March 12th.

The NGO decided to host an event on the day to commemorate this incredible milestone and we were honoured to be invited as a part of this event. Point of AC welcomed the biggest celebration we have ever assisted following the pandemic. Several prominent government figures, including Chief Secretary for Administration Mr. Chan Kwok-ki, were in attendance, and the team paid close attention to every detail to ensure that it was a memorable occasion in CDIA's eventful history.

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Front Stage & Backstage

To ensure that the celebration ran smoothly, Point of AC was involved in the event management process from the pre-event planning phase through to the coordination of the event on the day.

We were also involved in the process of designing event assets and assisting CDIA in producing the necessary materials needed for pamphlets, certificates, and more.

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In the media

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Event Management, Graphic Design, Photography


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