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Care Home

Building a home for the generation before us.

Care Home, an eldercare facility powered by New World Group's Humansa, is driven by a passion to provide high-quality elderly care services for the generation before us. With over 400 accommodation units, Care Home creates a comfortable and safe environment, catering to the diverse physical, mental, and spiritual needs of the elderly in Hong Kong.

Video by Point of AC

To spread awareness of the organisation, Care Home worked together with Point of AC to host roadshows throughout the streets of Hong Kong. Point of AC played a significant role in managing the project, providing assistance from the back end and promoting Care Home's services at the front end.

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Behind the scenes, Point of AC made significant contributions to various aspects to ensure the success of the promotions. We were involved in conducting interviews, capturing photography and videography to prepare the necessary materials for the roadshows.

Additionally, we were responsible for designing the leaflets and the minibus graphics. To promote a trustworthy and honest brand image, we paid meticulous attention to ensuring that all materials were cohesive and consistent with the brand.

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Point of AC went beyond back-end support and extended assistance to Care Home in their front-end promotions as well. We actively participated in recruiting dedicated individuals who shared the same passion for eldercare, ensuring a successful set of roadshows that would bring society together to make a positive impact on the lives of our elderly residents.

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Event Management, Event Coordination,

Graphic Design, Photography & Videography


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